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Visual Art in Education and Curriculums Institution Student’s Name Course Date Fitting everything in the curriculum so as to make things fun for students and also to cover the subject is one of the most challenging tasks to do. However, visual arts make it easy for students to understand and have fun, therefore, what many teachers opt to do is to combine the covering of the curriculum with the use of Art. Here is a description of how to learn multiplication through visual art. The first stage is to describe the learning plan. Here give students a sourcebook, for this case we choose “Amanda Bean’s Amazing Dream” written by Marilyn Burns. The purpose of reading this book is to evaluate the illustration that indicates equal groups, later demonstrate an anchor chat of the different ways the Marilyn shows arrays. The next stage is to take the students to a school and classroom tour looking for examples of arrays. The arrays will be found in; desk arrangements, bookshelves, classroom windows and floor tiles. Help the students take some photos of the arrays they come across (Miller,2013). The pictures can be printed and labeled and added to “math focus” wall. The next task is to look for a sample at an intense space sparkle. Together with the students discuss how different buildings have arrays when others don’t have. Finally, a teacher can change his or her students to develop a city skyline that demonstrates arrays. The checklist to use is: create a cityscape, using rulers to ensure that the lines are straight, in every building show an array, include additional information like stars in an array and then complete the chart by describing the art by

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