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Name Instructor Course Date The Hellenistic World Demosthenes is critical of the free reigns that Phillip has in his dealings with the Greek. Being in power, Philip seems able to do what he wants without fear of reproach. Demosthenes views this as an insult to the Greek population whose pride does not allow anyone to impose on them. Demosthenes complains of the wrongs Philip commits against the Greek and portrays Philip as having intentions that are detrimental to the Greek civilization. Demosthenes thinks this is a big issue especially in the light of the fact that Phillip is not even Greek CITATION Spi13 p 89 l 2057 (Spielvogel 89). He was Macedonia, and the Macedonians were less civilized than the Greek. Isocrates is accommodative to Phillip’s reign. He appeals to Phillip to unite the cities of Greece CITATION Spi13 p 89 l 2057 (Spielvogel 89). Isocrates proposes that Philip should start by reconciling the cities of Athens, Sparta, Argos and Thebes, after which all others will follow suit. The end to which Isocrates offers advice is the unification of the Hellenistic World and the conquest of the barbarians to forge a common Greece to fight the Persians. The Greek states had persistent factionalism and communal tensions that were born of pride. Each faction thought of itself as superior and ideological differences were irreconcilable. This pride rendered the Greek world vulnerable to attack as they were slow to unite against an enemy and even more reluctant to iron out their differences. In light of subsequent events, Isocrates made a stronger defense. Demosthenes made a convincing argument that spurred all of Athens to war against Macedonia. However, Isocrates

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