Cell analogy

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Cell Analogy My first visit to the Beta Shopping Mall was very eventful, and I could remember how interesting things were. We visited the mall with my friends and from the entrance I was amazed at how many such things could all be assembled at a single place. At this point, I understood that a shopping mall is a collection of different small unit shops all under one roof and coordinated from a central point. From the walls to the door and inside everything seemed very stupefying as I could also see many people with each minding their businesses. We went through a huge door that was made of glass. At the door, I remember seeing security guards performing a security check on people who were entering into the mall. I remember one of my friends asking the necessity of the process and was told that it is necessary for the purposes of safety. I realized that a shopping mall has several points of operations such as supermarkets, eateries, spas which all combine to create the mall. The same way a shopping mall contains several shops within itself, a cell contains organelles and inclusions with each having a specific function within itself. Inside the mall, we realized that everything was being coordinated by the manager who seemed like the central point of the mall. The manager that we saw coordinated the activities by issuing orders to all the minor shops in the mall. We saw his office which was located far away from the business activities in the mall and allowed the manager some privacy. I learnt that the manager also assigns the shops to the various business that are located in the mall. On getting hungry, we ate food at one of the

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