Causes and Effects of Global Warming

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CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF GLOBAL WARMING Name: Course: Date: Causes and Effects of Global Warming Global Warming Global warming usually means an increase in the average temperature of the whole world in general. Experts say that the average temperature has risen by about 2 degrees Celsius. The most affected areas include regions that lie close to the poles, the Arctic and the Antarctic. The continually increasing global temperatures are responsible for a host of disasters all around the world. These hazards range from floods, hurricanes, heat waves and avalanches. Combined, they take a large number of lives yearly and destroy property and infrastructure worth billions of dollars. The greenhouse effect conclusively explains the ever-escalating temperatures. It suggests that the Sun radiates heat into the Earth in a short wavelength. Upon reaching the ground, some of it is absorbed, and a portion reflected back in a more extended wavelength. The reflected rays are absorbed by greenhouse gases hence creating a heat blanket in the atmosphere. Some of the gases also reflect the heat that should have escaped out into space. The central greenhouse gases responsible for this phenomenon include carbon dioxide, methane, and ozone. Other contributing gases include the clouds and water vapour. The constant increase in the concentration of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere brings about a consequent rise in the average temperatures. Different carbon-based industries and automobiles from all around the globe release a significant amount of these harmful gases into the atmosphere. Deforestation has also played a central role in ensuring the carbon dioxide levels in the

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