Cases brief on United States vs Ganias (2014)

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The United States of America v. Ganias Stavros Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation The case was decided on the 17th of June, 2014. The defendant Ganias makes an appeal from the verdict that convicts him. This was due to the jury trial that had claims of tax evasion. Ganias confronts the conviction with consideration of his fourth amendment rights on which the state copied information from his computers hard drives and kept the files beyond the time allowed by the search warrant for more than two and a half years. Facts Ganias worked for the Internal Revenue Service for approximately fourteen years. In 1980, he began providing accounting and tax services to small businesses and individuals at Wallingford. By the year 1998, Ganias was hired by McCarthy and the Industrial Property Management and the American Boiler. The army had hired IPM to be providing security and maintenance at an unoccupied army facility in Stratford. In 2003, a confidential source gave out information to the Criminal Investigative Command that people associated with IPM were involved in improper activities, for instance, stealing of copper wire and related items from the army facility (Gajek, 2016). The army began an investigation with their computer specialists in collecting digital and electronic evidence. Records, materials, computer software and hardware, and financial data from IBM and American boiler were seized. However, the agents failed to confiscate Gania’s computers since the computer experts made similar copies of the three hard drives from Ganias computers. As a repercussion, the specialists made copies of the three files on the three computers that included files beyond

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