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Student’s NameProfessor Course Date Case Study Keflavik paper is a company which has been experiencing threats with the outcomes of its projects. The projects of the company have been in the spotlight since some of them have been delivered in time while others have been late. Moreover, the budget of the firm is overrun leading to inconsistent product performance. The firm has hired a consultant who is responsible for investigating the underlying problems and identify the appropriate measures. The company has paid little attention to its strategic fit and portfolio management when starting new projects. The paper discusses the alternative screening measures that can be used when determining the viability of a business. Some screening measures related to project screening may lead to wrong conclusions. For instance, if a company selects projects in a construction setting for their aesthetic appeal, it may end up making losses due to the high cost of its establishment. If companies do not pay attention to issues of cost and safety concerns, they may end up damaging their reputation thus being driven out of business. Therefore, project managers should evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different screening techniques before they apply them. This will demonstrate that efficient screening methods depend on multiple balancing measures of project choice. Different criteria can be applied when evaluating the new projects before they are included in the current portfolio. For instance, the company should consider the potential penetration to the new markets and the relationship between the current projects with the new projects. Moreover, the firm should consider

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