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Case study Student: Institution: Case study 1 Question one. Mr. O’Connelly should first engage his students in a talk to discuss the reason why they are always stubborn in the classroom. If the problem persists, he should involve guiding and counseling teachers to talk to the students. If this method fails, he should introduce disciplinary measures to control the behaviors of the students. Question two Classroom management is comprised of the steps you take to ensure that your students remain attentive without distracting each other during the lesson. On the other hand, classroom discipline is part of classroom management which focuses on the consequences you spell out for your students for disobeying the set rules (Jones, 2015). Question three Classroom management is more about activities than discipline. Question four. Be audible and confidence while teaching Maintain eye contact with the students Maintain formative discipline plan Correct the mistakes at hand immediately during the lesson. Following this activity will maintain calm, obedient, and motivating classroom. Case two. Question one. Walk around class while teaching Enter the classroom in time Spell out the expectations for every student. Maintain good personal relationship with the students. Question two The teacher should spell out disciplinary rules and the consequences of breaking the rules. The rules are: Listen and abide by instructions. Before attempting to speak or stand, raise your hand Keep your feet and hands in one place Respect all your classmates and teachers The consequences will be: You are warned when you commit the first mistake. You are sent out of class

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