Case Study 2

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Marketing In Fast Food Restaurants Name Institutional Affiliation Background MacDonald’s is a fast food company founded in Bernardino, California in the United States in 1940, by Maurice and Richard MacDonald. The founders started the company as a hamburger brand. Its headquarters are located in Oak Brook, Illinois, but it is planning to move to Chicago by 2018. On the Market share, MacDonald’s is the global restaurant chain leader, and it serves about 70 million clients daily in more than 100 countries. As of 2016, the company had 36900 outlets, and the high customer levels have been experienced in many years of operation(Thornton et al., 2016). On brands, MacDonald’s sell cheeseburgers, French fries, hamburgers, chicken products, breakfast foods, desserts, milkshakes, wraps and soft drinks. However, there have been negative sanctions about the unhealthy state of its foods, and this led to the introduction of fruits, salads, smoothies, and fish to the Menu. On the part of their revenues, MacDonald’s earn from rent, franchisees fees, royalties as well as the restaurant sales across the world. The company has played a key role in the provision of employment. According to the 2012 BBC reports, MacDonald’s was ranked second in the world’s largest private employers list. The company has 1.5 million workers who operate both the main outlets and the franchises. Comparison Table Comparison Criteria Brand of Choice (MacDonald’s) Competitor One (Taco Bell) Competitor Two (Wendy’s) Product Offerings Hamburgers, Chicken, French fries, Soft Drinks Burritos, Nachos, quesadillas Chicken, Hamburger, Bacon, Soft drinks Prices $1-$7 for the snacks $1-8$

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