Case Study 1: Amanda Todd and Anonymous Part 2

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AMANDA TODD AND ANONYMOUS PART 2 Student’s Name Institution   On September of 2012, a video was posted online by a teenaged girl telling the world of her bullying experiences. Amanda Todd committed suicide the following month. That YouTube video went viral worldwide. The story of Amanda was revisited by major media houses sparking a debate on the extent of cyberbullying and the limitation of the law in dealing with the vice. As seen in the video, through the use of flashcards, she fell victim to an online stranger who enticed her to bare her breasts. This was an event followed by an elongated period of blackmail and bullying both online and at each school she would transfer to (Ess, 2013). The following paper is a review of the case seeking to determine its potential for prosecution under conspiracy to commit harm or defame. Fundamentally, defamation has remained the same over the decades. As such, laws dealing with associated vices have been more or less the same. However, the advent of modern communication means has left the judicial system in a tight spot on if to apply principles applied traditionally to internet defamation contexts. Though the laws, including modern ones, are essential in combating cyberbullying, they still have apparent weaknesses. While criminal, it usually tends to be a minor crime. This is a situation that leaves victims without legal reprieve. The differences in the specific elements concerning defamation necessary for the prosecution vary on the basis of individual state laws (Donegan, 2012). A few years before her suicide attempt, Amanda met an online friend who through flattery convinced her to flash her breast. Later, for years,

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