Case 1.10 The Little teacher Who Could: Piper, Kansas, and Term Papers

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Case 1.10: The Little teacher Who Could: Piper, Kansas, and Term Papers Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract One of the tenets of any form of learning is the capacity to demonstrate truthfulness. Academic honesty embodies the principle that students are expected to produce their original and authentic work. Students should adhere to the set guidelines governing the completion of assignments and assessments. Particularly, it is expected that students acknowledge the works and ideas of other scholars when documenting their works. Failure to adhere to the governing principles may be detrimental to the outcomes of the performance of the students. In fact, plagiarism and academic dishonesty only amount to unfair academic advantage at the expense of the student. The following case offers a comprehensive analysis of an ethical dilemma that Ms. Pelton had to undergo after prompting her students to remain truthful to their works. It answers the questions on the case study which illuminate the importance of ensuring that institutions have relevant guidelines to ensure that their students produce their original works and hence preserve academic integrity. Case 1.10: The Little teacher Who Could: Piper, Kansas, and Term Papers Ms. Pelton’s students were aware of the repercussions of failing to adhere to the instructions that their teacher gave. While the school did not run any policy concerning academic dishonesty, it is evident that the teacher had already informed the students of her expectations. As a result, it was imperative that the students comply with the instructions that their instructor had given them. Moreover, none of the students approached their

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