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Name Professor Subject Date Consumer Behavior during the Brazilian Carnival Introduction During the festive seasons, consumers tend to change their buying habits regarding tastes, quantity, and preferences. The business people have to, therefore, develop strategic schemes as to utilize the seasons and subsequently maximize their marginal profits. In Brazil, the changing consumer habits are not an exception, particularly during the annual Carnival festival. The Carnival festival is the most popularly Brazilian event that is held forty-seven days before Easter and marks the beginning of Lent. The event attracts millions of the local people and thousands of foreigners who match in the streets for almost a week. In 2011, the event attracted a total of 4.9 million people including the foreigners in Rio de Janeiro (Sainte). As a result of a large number of participants, the Brazilian Carnival festival has become a significant event for businesses including manufacturing and service industries as well as retail establishments such as malls. This research paper attempts to examine consumer behavior during the Brazilian Carnival. The research considers consumer behavior as the physical, emotional, behavioral, and psychological responses of an individual, a group, or an organization about the buying, use, and disposal of tangible goods as well as services. The study of consumer behavior during the Brazilian Carnival is thus important to marketers as it enables them to strategize on how to increase the sales of their products and consequently increase the profits made by the business. Significance of the study Consumer behavior is an important factor that influences the

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