cardiovascular system

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Name Instructor Course Date Cardiovascular Systems. Myocardial Infarction and Angina Pectoris are among the leading health issues affecting the heart that most people are not aware of. For those who are aware of them, it is common practice to see them confusing among the two. However, both conditions are characterized by the experience of chest pains. The two cardiovascular condition is almost the same and so are their symptoms. However, there is need to differentiate them by medical practitioners to administer the right kind of treatment. Angina Pectoris Angina just like its name which is a literal interpretation of chocking is characterized by an uncomfortable sensation affecting the chest of the victim. This condition occurs due to insufficient oxygen supply to the heart. The insufficiency in oxygen supply may be due to diseases affecting the coronary arteries or blockage of the arteries due to clotting (Comila1). Therefore the heart is deprived of oxygenated blood and other vital nutrients. This condition makes the heart to work at a faster and harder rate with the minimal supply of oxygen. Reasons for the existence of Angina pectoris may include but not limited to physical exertion, emotional stress, smoking or just a hereditary a factor (Comila, 1). Patients who experience this health condition try as much as possible to avoid its re-emergence due to the painful and terrible feeling accompanied with it. Angina pectoris is a condition that lasts for at least for two minutes after which one is back to normal. Angina exists in two main categories. Unstable and stable angina. Intervention measures. Nitroglycerine should be administered to the patient

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