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Student’s name Instructor’s name Course Date Can You Think Immanuel Kant emphasises on the need to tell the truth considering the act of lying as immoral. Further still, Kant provides a deep conviction that telling the truth is the basis of human dignity and moral standards. In his perspective, telling the truth is an obligation and it is an attribute of human dignity (Hanna 230). However, there are some instances where it would be immoral to tell the truth, especially when the outcome would jeopardise one's dignity or value. It is morally upright to lie if the outcome will be positive and the latter can lead to the jeopardy of one’s dignity or principles. Instances, where this is applicable, are numerous. The immediate implication is when advising a teenager on matters pertaining to sexual immorality. This is achieved by withholding the real pleasures that are associated with sexual activities from them and only revealing the negative side of it. By lying to them, this will insinuate the right measures that will enable the teenager to abstain from sexual activities. Furthermore, in circumstances of saving a friend from a horrid escape from mob justice, it is recommendable to lie. One may tell a lie of his or her whereabouts or provide a hideout to prevent him or her from being beaten to death by the angry mob that might be accusing him or her of burglary as he escapes narrowly. In summation, Immanuel Kant theory of lying was not entirely correct. It is well evident that lying might come in hand in some critical matters that have positive outcomes. Therefore, it is advisable to agree with the truth a bit conforms to the situation at hand. Work

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