Call Centre Management at InterBank

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Name: Instructor: Course Title: Date: Interbank Call Center ManagementQuestion 1 What is the current capacity and capacity utilization by Susan’s Team? The Interbank call operations features a total of 8 customer service representatives. One was hired in the year 2010, two employees were recruited in 2011, another two representatives in the first half of 2012, and three in the last three months of 2012. The current capacity of Susan’s team is therefore eight persons working on an 8-hour workday. The occupancy utilization is calculated as; Occupancy/Utilization = ÷ Based on the statistics captured in the table, the total time on call for each CSR is as follows; Total time on call = CSR A – 7 hours, 30 minutes CSR B – 7 hours, 30 minutes CSR C – 7 hours, 30 minutes CSR D – 7 hours, 30 minutes CSR E – 7 hours, 30 minutes CSR F – 7 hours, 30 minutes CSR G – 7 hours, 30 minutes CSR H – 7 hours, 30 minutes Total Time on Call – 60 hours After call work time, = 4 hours Total Staff Time - = 64 hours. Total Breaks – 16 breaks Therefore; Occupancy/Utilization = ÷ ÷ = 1.33 Occupancy or Utilization = 1.33 Assumptions All the CSRs work for the same hours regardless of lunch, tea-breaks, and off days. All CSRs receive similar hours for lunch and tea breaks. The after call work time are the tasks and operations performed by representatives when they are disconnected from the call. In the case of Interbank, they include the breaks; both tea and lunch-break. Question 2 How should Susan Re-organize her division to achieve no abandoned call ((s)? The Interbank call operations relies primarily on the interactive

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