Buy Yourself less stuff Text Analysis

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Student’s name Lecturer’s name Course Date Buy yourself less stuff, text analysis In the article, Buy yourself less stuff, the author argues that, humans suffer from the universal delusion that indeed, material beings have the ultimate power to influence the utmost happiness in people (Dunleavey 1). See, more often than not, people look forward to shopping days seeing as in essence, no one can live without those things. One can only imagine that a life without goals to attain or stuff to desire would be so mundane. Even though at times impulse or senseless buying may not satisfy us in the end as expected, it is the epitome of living and can be a good thing when we learn to acquire materials within our means. Material goods are necessary to a conventional person because desire is the motivation of being alive as a human being. The author commences by noting that people are gravely flawed in regards to linking material possession and happiness. He argues that while acquiring material things like cars houses, and expensive home appliances seem like the goal that one hope would make him or her happy, it never usually is, and thus all this possession turns out to be a disappointment. This trend is commonly so because these things can only make us happy provided that they fit within our dimensions. However, that is not ordinarily the case because people never calculate the challenges that come with that particular possession thus ending up disappointed at the negativities. He further quotes Richard Einstein, a renowned economist who alleges that ‘You don’t quite have all the things you need but you are quite sure that when you acquire them, you will be

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