Business Research Methods

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Business Research Methods Name University Business research Methods Week 3b Q.1 Identify all the variables and sub-variables used in the study (by reading the case, and looking at the questions in the survey content, the variables and sub-variables can be identified. Variable: satisfaction Sub-variables: 3 sub-variables 1a (speed of service), 1b (professionalism), 1c (menu variety). Variable: Provisions Sub-variables: 6 sub-variables 2a (more casual adult dinning), 2b (less casual family dining), 2c (outdoor dining), 2d (formal dining), 2e (men’s grill), 2f (women’s grill). Variable: pricing Sub-variables: 2 sub-variables 3a (same pricing as other clubs), 3b (higher pricing than other clubs), 3c (improvement of the facility with charges), 3d (improvement of facilities with no charges) Q2. Based on the case study and the survey content, build the management-research question hierarchy, through the investigative questions stage. Then compare your list with the measurement questions asked in the survey used in the case Management dilemma The number of members is considerably reducing, and there is no extra addition of members. The aging of the members is also another dilemma. Management questions What can be done to increase the number of club members and those seeking the services? Research question Should we conduct aggressive campaigns to promote and raise awareness of the club’s services? Investigative question Which specific means of campaign and promotion should we use to efficiently promote the services? Measurement question What is the most appropriate time to promote the club? Management decision Regarding the obtained data

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