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Student Name Instructor Course Name DateBusiness Project Paper What is the name of your company? Feel free to be creative. The company name for the established organization will be Elite Freight and Logistics LLC. What type of company are you starting and in what industry is your company going to operate? Elite is a freight and logistics company that is in the supply and value chain industry. What will you offer (good, services, both) and who is your target market? This is a freight and logistics company that deals with the transportation of goods both locally and internationally. Elite freight will offer solutions in delivering goods bought through other companies on the online market platforms such as Alibaba and Amazon. The target market for this business is clients from regions that include China, India, Africa, and the neighboring countries that buy goods from online-based platforms in bulk and require delivery to be made at their area of location. The business will be mainly a business-to-business (B2B) channel. Where are you going to set up/register your company (city and state) and why? Elite Freight and Logistics Company will be registered in Kampong Glam, Singapore. This is because there are rigid financial institutions in the country and hence it would be easier to access capital. Also, there are good judicial systems in the country. The city is also strategically located near the coastline where freight goods can be easily transported through the sea. The city offers an excellent location since the primary market for the freight business will be in China, India, and Africa. Also, there are no capital gains tax that are deducted in

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