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Business Planning The name of the business would be Elegant Botiq. The name reflects the purpose of the firm in that it would supply beautiful products. The word botiq is from the term boutique which regards a shop that offers clothes and other related items. The reason for not using the word boutique in its usual form is to entice people especially the young ones who wants issues shortened and have turned to shortening of words especially in the communications online. The boutique would sell elegant clothes and other accessories such as necklaces and earrings. The business would seek to satisfy the need of getting presentable clothes which are suitable for various occasions and at the same present an opportunity to have the clothes that are matching with accessories such as bangles. There would be paying off much attention in the materials and colors of the clothes such that there would be varieties. There is a realization that; people have different tastes and that aspect manifests so much when it comes to clothes and accessories. What impresses one person may be distasteful to the other. The services would include guiding the customers in choosing the clothes and accessories that fit them well as well as offering guidance in the efforts of matching the clothes with the accessories. There would also be advice for the best color according to the occasion such as burial or wedding. The uniqueness of this business would be that it would offer extra services such as those of professional guidance towards the selection of color. There would also be the unique character of having the best clothes. The competitive advantage would lie in the pricing which would be on the

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