Bull’s eye

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The “bull’s-eye” approach insists that the Almighty has the full program for everybody and seek out to disclose the plan to him or her. The objective of the approach remains that one discovers the Almighty’s full program and they follow the plan, and while the Almighty may often allow God’s people to drift from His program; they cannot often stray beyond the permissive will of God. The Wisdom approach supports a decision-making process that does not seek a full non-interceded way from the Almighty. This implies that Christian depend entirely on their capabilities, wise-counsels and unambiguous tests of their willpowers, talent, and competence. Friesen says that often the Bible plays a primary role as a wisdom guidebook. However, wisdom can also rely on a pragmatic Christian perspective where the Bible is comprehended as part of the other reasons for the spiritual discernment route. Relationship-Formation approach points out that while the Almighty may not have a full program for every individual, God is actively part of the universe and the choice that individuals make. Proving the "bull's eye" approach with respect to Thomas may be difficult, but since Thomas prays on the issue and seeks the guidance of God on a future as a pastor, and could be classified as a relationship-formation approach in which he sought to find out whether God was involved in the decision he was to make. Personally, I would approach it. Differently, I would seek spiritual guidance from the scriptures and allow the will of God be done. The Bible does not provide specific guidance on how one makes the decision to do the will of God. However, the Bible informs individuals to avoid being

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