Bruce Lee

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Bruce Lee Name Institution Affiliation Abstract Bruce Lee remains a household name to this very day despite his 1973 tragic death. Many people brand him a hero today for not only transforming the western filmmaking industry but also immensely promoting diversity and cultural equality. Despite being a China original, his work was breathtaking and spread to the USA and the greater west within a short period. This paper thus discusses some of the impactful roles that he played in shaping the world. It in effect views him as a legendary action filmmaker with more than just films to offer the people. He strived to overcome the sheer racism that his fellow compatriots faced in the US and eventually rose to become a star in the US. The paper also discusses some of the deep-seated practices that were not only crucial for his survival in his time but also in today’s generations. The research concludes that he was pivotal in shaping the Afro Asian culture as well as the Chinese spiritual and physical healing processes through his extreme body fitness philosophy. The study, in turn, relies on extensive research from online periodicals regarding the same. Keywords: Bruce Lee, Chinese, film, production, martial arts. Introduction One would wonder why Bruce Lee rose to stardom and acquired universal admiration only after producing only four films and passing on at a young age of 32 years. The star was an incredibly talented actor whose prowess in martial arts was truly unparalleled. Having born in 1940 in Chinatown, he grew up interested in art and later enrolled for Wing Chun later, a move that would see him become a legend in martial. In 1960, his family moved to the US

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