BOSS (Burn Out Stress Syndrome)

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Burn Out Stress Syndrome Burn Out Stress Syndrome, or just burnout refers to a distinctive type of stress that is as a result of someone’s job. Employees affected by the condition experience emotional, physical and mental exhaustion combined with doubt in their value and competence towards their work (Mayo Clinic, 2015). There are various sources of burnout and disengagement, some of the most common causes include, lack of control, insufficient reward system and lack of community. Lack of control is caused by a feeling of having no power over tasks and their outcomes. If the workers do not have access to resources or tools required to perform their duties well or have not been provided with the appropriate level of responsibility, they can feel out of control. The results of a study comparing lack of control and job demands indicated that low control combined with high demands was ranked as the most detrimental to the health of the workers (Davis, 2013). Individuals in this category had higher rates of getting into depression and contracting coronary diseases when compared to those affected by other types of burnout stress. The second cause of burn out is lack of a sufficient rewarding system. Rewards for the employees do not have to be solely in the form of monetary terms; they can be anything that makes the daily flow of work satisfying to the workers. There are three main categories of rewarding systems that is a monetary, intrinsic and social reward system. When an organization does not provide any of the forms of these rewards, the employees tend to be more susceptible to burnout. The third cause of burnout is lack of community. A supportive working

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