borderline personality disorder case study

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Borderline Personality Disorder Case Study Student’s Name: Institution: Borderline Personality Disorder Case Study Jane is an only child of an abusive parent relationship. When her parents’ divorce, she is forced to stay with her aunt who is also not keen either on taking care of Jane. From getting rejected by both her parents to being shown little affection by her aunt, Jane underwent a troubled childhood. The latter resulted in poor relationships with other people such as her friends, employers and fellow employees. It also led to two failed marriages. This paper seeks to understand Jane’s issues by applying the psychoanalytic perspective. Various aspects of Jane’s life will be analyzed to understand her better. The paper will then develop a plan, based on the analysis, to counsel Jane. The plan would aim to improve troubled aspects of Jane’s life. The psychoanalytic perspective used to analyze Jane’s personality was founded by Sigmund Frend. The theory focuses on the importance of early childhood experiences on a person. The theory also proposes three different levels of awareness that influence an individual’s psychology (Eagle, 2008). The first level of awareness is the conscious level; here one is aware of all the present feelings, sensations and thoughts. At the preconscious level; one is currently not aware of certain information though they can move to the conscious level. The last level of awareness is the unconscious level; here one is not aware of the drives, thoughts, wishes, and feelings. This level still influences the conscious level (Psychology). The psychoanalytic perspective looks at the personality structure of an individual.

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