Bookreview. Compassion : A reflection on the christian life

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Compassion: A REFLECTION ON THE CHRISTIAN LIFEMargret AnabaronyeFelician University INTRODUCTION Compassion: Three writers wrote a reflection on the Christian life. Henri J. Nouwen, Donald P. McNeill, and Douglas A. Morrison. There book changed the world from 1982 when the book was written to present, “This is an excellent tribute to Henri Nouwen who, although he predeceased the other authors, lives on in Compassion as he does in his many books.”(Nouwen, McNeill, & Morrison, 1982, p. 1) Compassion is a Latin word, which means pati and cum, together it means “suffer from or with.” According to the book of Luke 6:35-36, AP said, “ Love your enemies. Do good to them… Be compassionate, just as God is compassionate.” What it means to love your enemies; It is sometimes difficult to know who is your enemies. Thirty bible verses talk about to love your enemies. Think about what made your enemies or who is your enemy; it may be a painful set of memories of what someone did to you or someone you hate or you are jealous about (competition). Jesus understood the offensive nature of the crucifixion, yet he still forgave them; for cruelty, Jesus returns compassion. When you see someone suffering we should try to help, it requires us to be strong when someone is weak, and also like or love your enemies are the highest reflection on the Christian life. Compassion is not a natural phenomenon; nobody is born with compassion, it depends on the environment where the child was brought up. He/she must be taught to be compassionate. According to Dreitcer, compassion is “the feeling that arises when you are confronted with

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