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The National Mall Author’s Name Institution The National Mall According to this book, public space is an area that is open for the public to access and conduct a variety of activities (Benton-Short, 2016, p. 32). The public space denotes freedom. It means that there are no restrictions to access and use the space as long as the events in place do not violate any laws the government might have in place. No one has the liberty to restrain another person from accessing and using a public space. The government preserves the public spaces for the public to use when expressing their opinions on a variety of issues. These spaces are essential in the expression of free speech and assemblies of people discussing their problems and challenges. They are mostly used for holding meetings pertaining social and political matters. Some of these issues turn and become historical and symbolic to the people of America. They are also grounds that people use for protests and demonstrations. The National Mall, for example, has seen numerous protests over the rights of minority groups in the society in a bid to end their misery. The book emphasizes the impact of the public spaces on the social wellbeing of people. It is clear that people need grounds on which they can voice their issues and appeal to as many people as possible. The creation of such spaces is essential as a tool for promoting free speech and peaceful demonstrations. These activities are the rights of citizens according to the constitution, and they deserve a place they can exercise those rights without invading anybody’s privacy and causing chaos. According to Benton (2016, p 37), the public spaces, since the

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