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Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Boeing Case Study It is apparent that the SBInet project largely failed due to managerial problems. One such problem was the inability of the US government to create a concrete strategy for securing the US-Mexico border coupled with poor monitoring of the entire project. Equally, the project could have failed due to the absence of a prior successfully implemented high-tech border control system. Some experts argue that this has been the case due to technology limitations and sociocultural constraints which make the information management systems increasingly complex for government officials to handle (Boyles 1). Due to these challenges, the government seems to be operating on a popular but defective assumption that technology offered by private firms such as Boeing could solve the border issue only to end up with failed projects. The government’s decision to allow Boeing to determine the scope and manage other contractors was problematic. First, it meant that the company had to devise what they thought the department of homeland security (DHS) wanted based on imagination since the government was not supplying any information. The lack of any coordination between DHS and Boeing meant that the project was primarily driven by guesswork and hence the failure of the project. Overall, it appears that the SBInet project failed due to poor scope management. In this regard, some crucial steps in the conceptual development stage seem to have been overlooked. Whereas the need for such a project is unquestionable owing to the problems and security threats that illegal immigrants present to the country, the government failed to gather

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