Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures Final Essay

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Name Professor Title DateBloodletting and Miraculous Cures Final Essay Lam’s “Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures” has twelve petite stories revealing Fitzgerald, Chen, Sri, and Ming as physicians. In every short story, patients encounter these physicians for assistance. The doctors give their patients manifold choices and allow them to choose what they find best. However, in every story, the patients give these doctors the opportunity to make the best decision on their behalf. These clearly shows how patients put their destiny and faith in the hands of physicians. Therefore, the society considers physicians as miraculous cures thus trusting their views and anticipating for the superlative. Using Ming, Sri, Fitzgerald, and Chen as the main characters in the “Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures,” Lam scrutinizes the truths and myths of the health care. The book reveals that these four doctors are practicing medicine, but they are not perfecting it. They conjecture at the effects of their activities, interpret symptoms, arrive at foolproof conclusions, care for their patients, and uphold their authority. However, they make errors, discuss and sometimes dislike their work. The book bids a multifaceted rendition of infirmary life and contests the myth that medicine is objective and physicians are omnipotent. Ming, Fitzgerald, Chen, and Sri are professional doctors, and their background is well revealed. The approach each of them uses to handle patients is what determines the professionalism in them. Though all have their weaknesses and strengths, if I were seriously injured or ill, I would prefer Doctor Ming to treat me as she is intelligent, has the passion for

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