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Student’s Name: Professor:Course: Date Rhetorical Analysis of Bloodchild In her science fiction story titled Bloodchild, Octavia Butler uses a dystopian society to highlight the dynamics of a master and servant relationship. In this society, human beings find themselves amidst more superior beings by the name Tlics. Tlics reduce human beings to vessels of giving birth to the future generations of the species. There are many parallels between man’s life in the Tlic’s dominated society as well as the life during the era of slavery during which many people of African descent were viewed as mere commodities with commercial value (Hampton 10). The story also draws many parallels between the dystopian society and the real-life patriarchal societies in which there are clearly defined gender roles. Butler illuminates the way Europeans viewed human bodies as commodities during the slavery period as well as the traditional gender roles as far as childbirth and human gestation are concerned. The story heavily relies on dystopian elements as evidenced in the utilization of science fiction that incorporates disoriented characters, the plot as well as setting to present themes that are universally human. The human life as portrayed in Bloodchild is in many ways similar to the life during the slavery period. The Terrans, who take the form of human beings, are limited to certain sections of the land. They cannot move freely as they wish and each household is assigned to a Tlic “master” whose say is final. The Tlic’s “master” in Gan’s household is T’Gatoi. We see her correct every other deviant behavior of the members of the family with the authority of a

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