Blink Your Eye Poem

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Blink your Eyes Analysis Sekou Sundiata’s “Blink your Eyes” is a poem on social prejudice and racism told from a black man’s perspective. The speaker laments how the society and the law treat him. Black people are not expected to own classy cars as they are assumed to have stolen. Anyone driving an old car is also supposed to be black. The speaker uses powerful figurative language through the use of symbolism, personification, metaphors. He also uses repetition, dialogue and sound patterns such as rhyme, alliteration, and assonance to clearly capture the discrimination that black people face just because of their different color. Sound patterns are well manifested in the poem through the use of Rhyme, alliteration, and assonance. The author has effectively used these patterns to make the words stick in the audience’s mind and therefore understand better the subject being communicated. Rhyme can be clearly identified in the second stanza when the speaker says that he could wake up in the morning without warning. The words “morning” and “warning” rhyme. He also says that it all depends on “the skin you live in.” In this case, the words “skin” and “in” are rhyming words. In the third stanza, eighth line, the speaker is told to put his hands in the air as he knows the routine yet he doesn’t care. The words air and care are a perfect example of rhyme in the poem. In the sixth line, the policeman says “I watch the news, and you always lose.” This is also another use of rhyme as the words “news” and “lose” rhyme. Other examples of rhyme use in this poem can be clearly

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