Biologically inspired business models and product designs can offer profitable paths forward

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Student Instructor Course Date Thesis According to Larsen, biologically inspired business models and product design can offer profitable paths forward. Evidence Large corporations and developing ventures adopted different approaches to shape what is now referred to as sustainability-based product and strategy designs. This approach acknowledges the interdependency between healthy, social and ecological systems (Larson and Andrea, 19). Growing number of firms are applying these biological models and design to demonstrate profit compatibility with standard health and viable natural systems. This discussion is focused on the pollution prevention measures taken up by firms. Measures have been put in place to prevent pollution by manufacturing and processing firms. These measures are profitable to both the society and manufacturing firms (Bocken and Nancy, 50). By reduction of waste products, the production system operates more efficiently. These pollution prevention measures have shown continuously to reduce the costs and risks involved in the manufacturing and processing activities. There have been noticeable improvements in financial performance, quality and desirability of the final product (Andrea and Larson, p133). There has been enough evidence to prove that pollution prevention offers productive paths forward. Economic performance is positively linked to environmental performance. Relying on the previous research report, it is clear that reduction of pollution emissions in firms contributes to the increased demand for the products manufactured there and economic productivity rises (Osterwalder and Alexander, 26). However, prevention is preferred because

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