Biological Theory of Aging

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Biological Theory of Aging Name Institution Affiliation Biological Theory of Aging Biological aging is multidimensional. It is influenced directly by interacting processes, the biological and developmental. It should be considered from cross-disciplinary and comprehensive perspectives. Social, biological and psychological sciences contribute to the study of aging. Each of these factors has their own assumptions and resulting definitions. There are inevitable consequences due to normal aging (Lipsky 2015). One has to know that aging process increases their vulnerability to diseases, pathologies which become the leading cause of death. The most productive period increases the death probability. It also increases the chances of one being prone to diseases. There are basic age-related changes in cardiac, pulmonary, musculoskeletal and cognitive processes. Others are the wear and tear and immunity reduction. There are social-cultural perspectives affecting aging, with activity theory being one of them. In this theory, the aging people remain fit both psychologically and socially. This happens when they stay engaged actively in life activities. As a result, one should make sure that they actively engage the aged in life activities (Liochev 2013). As her caregiver, you have to explain to the woman why she is undergoing such ailments, that they are as a result of aging. Old age is part of a lifelong process of development. Aging is perceived as a dynamic model whereby there development and continuous loss process. Aging could be dealt with through taking a controlled diet, good rest, regular exercises and a moderated lifestyle. Also, it can be dealt with through

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