Biographical Sketch of Caesar Augustus

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Name Professor Class December 17, 2016 Abstract: None Requested Biographical Sketch of Caesar Augustus Introduction This Roman has a famous relative in Julius Caesar. Augustus is born in 63BCE, in the southeast of Rome in Velletri. His mother Atia was Julius Caesar’s cousin. 42BCE finds him in Albania for military training. It is here he receives news of the murder. After the famous murder of his adopted father, Gaius Octavius Thurinus traveled to Rome to claim his role as Julius Caesar’s heir. He was Octavian until 27BCE when his name changed to Caesar Augustus, Rome’s first Emperor. Not everyone accepted him at first. He created a brilliant idea to make himself known to Romans. Augustus married Antony’s daughter to cement a truce. Augustus formed the second triumvirate with three co-leaders that stopped any resistance by murdering many equestrians and senators (Pace, 1985). Cicero is among the carnage instigated by Augustus and Antony during 43BCE. These were violent and bloody times in the Empire of Rome. These next paragraphs will add some interesting facts about Augustus, and those who would dare to oppose his methods for controlling Rome. Augustus runs many campaigns between 42-0BCE, winning most of them. He lives a long and memorable life, taking and divorcing several wives until his death in 14AD and Tiberius assumed his father's powers. Augustus was truly the first Roman Emperor and had a hand in many history-making events in his life. He was a great leader, and many said he made great improvements in laws and living conditions, far too numerous to mention everyone on them. The better ones had nothing to do with the expansion of the empire. He

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