Billionaire venture capitalist Ellon Musk

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In the year 2016, time travel has become a reality, inspired by the efforts of billionaire venture capitalist Ellon Musk. Through numerous trials and errors, some with fatal results, the past and the future have merged with the present, advancing humanity beyond our wildest dreams. Currently, historians employ this amazing technology to ensure that lessons from the past are well highlighted and learned from by sending teams who have learned ancient languages to try and experience that particular life. After being assigned to study the daily life of the Ancient Roman civilization, along with life in the English Kingdom during the Middle Ages, my history class in the FIT is ordered to infiltrate these societies and record all we see. After we conclude these experiments, we are to record our experiences in the official reports that will be published. Back Into Ancient Rome Our first excursion will see me live for a few days in the city of Capua, an important town in the ancient Roman republic, as a slave. However, I will not be any ordinary house slave. I will be a feared gladiator, competing to kill other men and wild beasts for the entertainment of the Roman populace. My experiences here on will be recorded in log entries that document my experiences through my eye camera and small microphones embedded into my skin. Through these various modifications, I have the ability to quickly record my experiences without attracting attention due to my “otherworldly” nature. Furthermore, in the case of danger, I only have to send a message using the nanotechnology in my brain to summon help, but I hope that the many body modifications I have will keep me safe. Log 30541024:

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