Bible Passages

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Bible Passages Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction The message in the Bible passages of Jeremiah, Isaiah, Job, Psalms, and Nehemiah is that the future was bright for those people who believed in God. The passages offered hope and solace for a better life for people believing in Christ. Also, the passages emphasize the existence of one supreme God the Almighty. The passages were written by Bernhard Anderson, a firm believer in Christ. It was written for devout Christians who believed in the existence of one supreme God. Also, the people who believed they would leave Egypt to Canaan. It was written in 6th-century BC. It was originally written in Hebrew in the nation of Israelites. Question and Answer The question that is being addressed in the message is whether people believe in the existence of one God or many gods. According to the author, the existence of one God seems to have been overtaken by events. The author claims that people believe in the existence of many gods, unlike before, when people only knew one God. The advent of civilization and modernization is responsible for making people believe in the existence of many gods. However, he goes on to assert that people have come to terms that there is only one supreme God who controls humanity (Anderson 2006). People in Egypt and Rome have always believed in the existence of one God the Almighty. There are many religions throughout the world that do not come up with anything new concerning God. All these religions seem to agree that there is one God. In fact, there have been no notable changes in the belief concerning monotheism regarding Christ. Also, the author tries to deconstruct various

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