Berlin Wall 1

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Berlin Wall Name Institution Affiliation Key outline Wall separating the Berliners from their freedom How Berliners fought for their freedom Forces that helped Berlin to fight for freedom Changes that occur after the freedom Freedom in Berlin. It is in Berlin where there is a wall separating the Berliners from other people, and this has denied the people of Berlin the opportunity to interact with people from other parts of the continent. This has resulted in oppression to many. The raising of the walls and the closure of the Brandenburg gate is an indication of a barrier to freedom from all mankind and not only among the Berliners as it has been viewed (ReaganFoundation, 2009). Even though there is the closure of the gate and the walls rose, the Berliners have hope since they struggle all the times to overcome the oppression. There are other countries such as the United States that have come out to help the Berliners in the battle for freedom. Some of the powers that the Berliners are fighting against are desperation and poverty among others.The Berliners have a brighter future since there is an improvement in some of the activities that are going through the country. For instance, through their battle, the media houses have acquired their freedom, and there are universities being built as well as the building of mighty cities. The Soviet Union is also asked to open the gate that barres the Berliners from the freedom (ReaganFoundation, 2009). The Berliners have shown the willingness to embrace the freedom and security. The Soviet Union is also requested to tear down the wall built around Berlin so that the peace can overflow among the members of the union.

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