Beowulf: The difference between a good king and a good warrior

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The difference between a good king and a good warrior Epic poems such as Beowulf, written by an unknown author comprised of the actions of a hero who shows greatness in his actions and plays a critical role in his immediate context. The situation is similar for Beowulf who has to fight dragons as a way of repaying Hrothgar, the king of Dane for a good deed he did for Beowulf's father. Nevertheless, the Beowulf story shows that there lies a great difference between a king and a hero. There lies a difference between the king and a hero as they have different capacities. In Beowulf, King Hrothgar is in charge of many warriors, “So Hrothgar’s men lived happily in his hall” (Beowulf 15). The statement shows that Hrothgar as a king is now in charge of an entire army. Further, Hrothgar states that "I bought the end of Edgetho" (Line 204). The assertion shows that at a younger age, the King also played the role of a warrior to the people but the current position cannot allow him to fight. Moreover, there lies a difference between a king and a hero since all a hero does is fight. “(Beowulf) Heard how Grendel filled nights with horror, and quickly commanded a boat filled out." On hearing how the Grendel was causing havoc in Dane, Beowulf, a hero prepares to go and fight him off. Moreover, he asserts that "The days of my youths have been filled with glory" (Lines 142-143). Beowulf says these words to show King Hrothgar that he has fought and won in many battles. Additionally, there lies a difference between a king and a hero as a king main duty is to protect his people. In the story, the narrator states that "Hrothgar, their Lord, sat Joyless" (Line 44). The king is

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