Behavior Management Models/Systems

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Behavior Management Models/Systems Table Description of how the Model/SystemActively Engages Children Strengths and Weaknesses of the Model/System Two Quotes that Embody the Model/System Viewpoint Three Credible Websites that give Practical Classroom Applications, including URLs Classroom Management Model #1: Ronald Morrish's Real Discipline The theory simply engages children through stressing the value of teaching children the skills that are vital to building effective decisions. Strengths The theory illustrates an apparent human direction and how a child is bound to react naturally. This model is based on clear strategies-training, teaching and managing that enables an easy implementation an d evaluated. Weakness This model is supported by normative expectation, meaning that it stresses more on reactive work by the educator rather than initiative work. "Real Discipline does not rely on the implementation of add-on programs, …ensures that behavioral skills are learned in the most effective and ordinary way" (Morrish 54). “Remember, that real discipline gives the message that the only way you will behave is the right way, then get used to it” (Morrish 130). Management Model #2: Harry Wong’s Effective Classroom Procedures employed by a teacher in a classroom determines the achievement of a child. Strengths This model is based on a distinct set of procedural suggestions and specifies the actions that are required. The model

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