Batman and Joker

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: “Should Batman Kill the Joker” is an argument responsible for bringing forth the worth of pop culture. It helps us build an ethical approach towards the significant and real issues facing us in the current world. It no doubts that most of us would have different opinions if faced with different challenges or phenomenon common in life. For instance, in this case, most of us would vote that Batman should kill Joker because he is a murderous psychopath. Therefore, by ending his life, Batman could save several lives. However, others would feel that he should not kill due to ethical issues. Three school of thoughts examines the Batman’s quandary. John Stuart and Jeremy Bentham would endorse on joker killing. This because they think it better to lose the life of one individual and save many more of the innocent people. Kant deontology writings focus more on the murder itself rather than the consequences. He argues that it would not be morally upright for any person not even Batman to kill Joker. He further debates that if any form of punishment should be given to any person, it should not be through vigilante justice but official means. He says that this method would have more sense of respect and humanity. Finally, the virtue of ethics by ancient Greeks questions that if one must only take away the life of one criminal or should go ahead to give similar treatment to all the thugs (White, 546). In general, a combination of these three perspectives helps us think critically. That is one has to weigh between the action taken and the resulting consequences. Killing joker would be compared to issues like ending or

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