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Basic Research Methodology Basic Research Methodology: Section I Political rights and civil liberties in countries determine the country rankings as either free, partly free or not free. For a country to be free, it must have a clearly spelled electoral and liberal democracies. On the other hand, if a country only has democracy on the part of elections, it's then termed as a partly free country. Therefore, any state with neither democratic nor liberal democracy falls in the category of countries which are not free. Free countries include the USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada and Switzerland. The USA is one of the most open countries. USÁ is politically stable with a very well established electoral system. Its citizens enjoy the freedom of speech and democracy. Furthermore, the rule of law is upheld. In Australia, citizens enjoy the advantages of political stability CITATION Mac00 l 2057 (Macintyre, Atikson, Lake, & Pons, 2000). Australians are free to take part in politics, and the life expectancy is high. There are no political prisoners in Australia, and the emigration rates are low. Statistics by open world indicate that Brazil is free with an aggregate score of 81%, freedom rating of 2.0, two political rights, and two civil liberties. Brazil's per capita income can comfortably sustain its citizens and even offer assistance to other less developed countries. Canada and Switzerland fall in the category of countries that enjoy electoral democracy and civil liberty. These nations equally enjoy political freedom, and the civil rights of its citizens are greatly respected. There are also no barriers to life expectancy CITATION And11 l 2057 (Andrade, Guevara, Lebrao, de

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