Bacteria and Fungi Surface Contamination

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Name: Supervisor: Course: Date: Bacteria and Fungi Surface Contamination Introduction Measuring surface contamination is considered one of the most convenient methods compared to measuring air contamination. This is because sampling systems like plates and swabs are easily available and can be monitored easily. Microbes attach themselves to surfaces in a particular manner. The process of surface adherence is influenced by air turbulence, moisture, electrostatic forces, hydrophilic properties and physical configuration (Tamburini, 8296). Several micro-organisms have difficulty in maintaining viability in the air. Their deposition on surfaces provides the required humidity, temperature, and nutrients for growth and sustainability. Objectives The purpose of this study is to access surface contamination by micro-organisms. These surfaces are a door handle, cellular phone, and water fountain. This microbial sampling seeks to establish the relationship between culture counts on surfaces. The microbial count exercise aims to evaluate fungi and bacteria to provide an index of contamination. Hypothesis Highly frequented areas like washrooms and water fountains are vulnerable to microbial contamination. People visit washrooms with door handles and use their phones afterward. Bacteria and fungi have different morphology, color and also exist under different conditions. Methodology Surfaces were sampled using contact Petri dishes. Microorganisms were transferred directly to the plates through direct contact under standardized conditions. Counting of colonies was facilitated by the large surface area of plates and a bottom grid. Identified microbes were incubated at

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