Aztec warfare

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Student’s Name Instructor Submission Date Aztec Warfare Introduction The Aztec Warfare article by Ross Hassig offers a new perspective to the Aztec Warfare in which he suggests an underlying misconstruction of the 1519 war in ancient Mexico. Hassig explains that the standard interpretation of the Aztec Warfare is that of “draconian, with religion and ritual as its chief motivators” (Hassig n.p). In particular, Hassig point of view is that the appearance of the Aztecs is more of tyrannical rulers of the considerably large political empire. Additionally, the Aztecs are displayed as a religious radicals whose primary drive is the constant demands from their gods for human sanctifies. Also, Hassig suggests that the Aztec armies’ main focus was to seize captives to offer them as human sacrifices and not the conquest itself. 2. Summary Hassig offers a different point of view on the Aztec Warfare history in which the author aims at letting the readers understand there was more to the wars than only some ritualistic and religious operation as commonly portrayed. The first part of the article explains the mechanisms of in which Hassig indicate that the Aztec battlefield involved a well-organized weaponry use and strategies. The primary weapons used included slings, sling-stones, arrows and bows, thrusting spears and stone-bladed wooden blades and with a well-trained army, the signaling of a commander marked the onset of war. The middle part of Hassig’s work expounds on the numerous conquests that the Aztecs engaged in as well as their techniques for ensuring a victory which included targeting easier target to increase their chances of success. The

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