Avatar Movie – Qualitative Analysis

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Avatar Movie Script Student’s Name Institution Abstract Avatar is detailed and organized film written, directed and co- edited by James Cameron. It was directed to reflect the period in which human beings participated in the role of colonizing the areas inhabited by indigenous species. The human beings invade the region to acquire and utilize the resources available. The movie entails a lot of adventure and imperialism in the society. It provides the deep sense of understanding of the ecology. The film is critical since it features the challenges of cultures and civilizations. The soldier in the movie is drawn to the conflict that involves learning he was actively against it. The research also provides information on Aurora. It further explains the ethical issues associated with individuals conducting research in the other planets. The research covers a broad range of problems in the film. It initially involves the utterances of the leading actor, then the qualitative analysis of the scenario surrounding the activities in the movie and lastly the theoretical view of the research. Purpose The researchers participate in the specific practice of seeking means to understand diverse cultures, practices, and activities. The central theme of this is to enhance reliable information from other planets. The research involves critically undertaking scientific steps to determine the slightly different study of Pandora. Qualitative Research Methods A unique and efficient psychological analysis of Avatar aids easy access to the understanding of cultures and enlightenment on the future advancement in the film industry. The visual effects create psychological

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