Augmented Reality and its role in education field.

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Augmented Reality and Its Role in Education Field. Student’s name: Institutional affiliation: Course: Date: Abstract Augmented reality can just be looked at as a way of adding sounds, touch feedback, and graphics into the natural world with the aim of creating an enhanced user experience. Advancement in technology has played a significant role in generating this perceptual information through the computers. Technology plays a crucial role in various sectors including the education where augmented reality classroom has been created. This has helped learners in explaining difficult and abstract concepts, making discoveries in learning, modeling of objects, training of professional skills, encouraging and stimulating curiosity to learn, maintaining retention rates. Combination of Technology and AR has also been found crucial in conducting surgical procedures and social media filters. This is attributed to the ability to enable elements of the virtual and real world. This has provided an excellent platform for enhancing some of the things we feel, see and hear. In comparison to other forms of reality technologies, AR is classified among the middle mixed reality spectrum. This assists in turning the environment around into digital through placing of virtual objects in real world. Outline Thesis: Advancement in technology plays a crucial role in making things work more comfortable for us a good example being demonstrated by the use of augmented reality to create an augmented classroom for purposes of establishing learning that is more interesting by simulating the curiosity of learners to understand abstract and complicated concepts. Introduction Augmented

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