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Name Instructor Course Date AstromicrobiologyMicroorganisms depend on water, light, minerals, carbon and other elements for survival; they have complicated lives and evolve continually. The requirements for their existences often vary based on several factors such as climatic conditions, temperatures, and nature of the environment. Astromicrobiology is a field that specifies in finding the requirements of different microorganisms and limitations that could hinder their lives provided that they could exist outside the planet. Conditions needed for Microorganism to Survive elsewhere Temperature is a critical factor to consider for the existence of microorganisms. Microorganisms can exist at a given temperature that favors adequate microbial activities. Moreover, they can adjust to different temperatures since extremely low or high temperatures can favor their survival (Schönknecht, Et al. 1207). For the microorganisms to exist elsewhere, the issue of temperature should often be considered. Thermophiles are microorganisms that can exist in an environment of high temperatures. However, the conditions on the outside planet could have higher temperatures than what thermophiles can endure. Water is a key component among most groups of the microorganism (Tazi Et al. 525). It ensures that different homeostatic activities are conducted efficiently. Furthermore, water is often described as the basis of life of any organism. It balances the availability of oxygen and other minerals in the microorganism’s growth. Minerals are required to ensure that microorganisms continue to live; nitrogen is an essential mineral that maintains the lives of organisms. Carbon sources

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