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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Astrology This information form astrology is falsifiable in many aspects. The astrological information lacks factual backing and cannot explain the connection between the astronomical aspects of the universe to the human world. Science refutes the claim of the connections between astrological events to the physical realm of man. I strongly agree with science as the filed lacks the power to bridge on the knowledge to explain and only depends on beliefs, (“Virgo Horoscope,” 1). However, I think that there might be a connection between astronomical events and the physical human world since more research is still required. It is fallacious to dismiss something based on not having sufficient information about it. Through the scientific practices and experiments conducted, there has been no evidence of the astrological traditions. Hence, lacking a scientific explanation now means that the field is falsifiable. However, we can give it a benefit of doubt since a testable and scientific explanation may be developed. Dealing with a Virgo, we find out that there are currently many claims regarding the field of astrology. Issues such as planetary love may never be genuine at all due to the many preposterous claims that they have. The horoscope suggests that having Jupiter in the communication sector of anyone will be advantageous to his or her relationship, (“Virgo Horoscope,” 2). There are also claims of having Venus in the horoscope. The horoscope talks about planets and their connections in a spiritual and imaginary way. It should be noted that there is technically zero connection between the movements of the planets and their

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