Assume that you are the Logistic Manager of a Manufacturer (H&M in Singapore)

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Logistics Management at H&M in Singapore Name Institution Logistics Management at H&M in Singapore Introduction Logistics refers to the flow of goods from one locality to another with the aim of satisfying the needs of the consumer in the market. Animals, equipment, fluids, foods, materials, information outlets are what constitute components of logistics (Svensson, 2001). Logistics in this regard ensures the smooth flow of these commodities until they reach the consumer. In combination with processes such as packaging, warehousing, production, inventory and materials handling, goods, in this case, can reach the consumer. Due to this reason, this report will evaluate the logistics management at H & M in Singapore. H & M in Singapore is a company that deals with fashion and beauty. The company has assortments that give the reflection of fashion and beauty trends thus assisting their respective customers in realizing their dream in fashion outlook as well as in the periods of seasonal fluctuations and limitations in the edition of color collections (Bag, 2016). Meanwhile, the reason why H &M decided to engage in the line of beauty products was to develop the concept that is comprehensive and also that something that comprehends with updates. In fact, it took the company four years to fully develop this concept. For example, the company exhausted everything beginning from a color range for the nail polish to the creation of the design for packaging. Due to this reason, it then becomes necessary to evaluate the process of logistic management processes as it takes place in the company. 2.1 Production Mostly, products that have same

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