Assessment and evaluation in nursing education

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Assessment and evaluation in nursing education The Nurse as Advocate Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Date of Submission Evaluate how the nursing process aligns with the development and improvement of nursing education programs. The nursing process describes various steps that are organized and designed for nurses for them to be able to give outstanding care. The nursing process involves assessing, diagnosing, planning, implementation as well as evaluating information about a patient. A nursing process is a helpful tool in nursing care since it provides a framework that allows for critical thinking and creativity. Nursing education program seeks to provide knowledge and skills to all nurses in the long-term to ensure that competent nurses are raised to improve health care. The nursing process aligns with the development and improvement of nursing education programs by ensuring that all students learn the steps that are helpful in making important decisions in a hospital setting. The nursing process guides educators in coming up with curriculums that are based on the stages of the nursing process which are critical in ensuring that they learn how to provide quality care. Nursing education programs need to align with the nursing process to become successful. This framework guides educators so that they can make development and improvements to a nursing education program in an orderly manner for the benefit of learners (Astin, 2012). Evaluate how the nurse educator uses assessment results to make decisions about individual learner outcomes. Classroom assessment is essential since it allows a nurse educator know what a student has learned.

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