Assessing the Long-Term Effects of Social Promotion on Students and Teachers

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XXXXX YYYYY ZZZZZ 06 December 2016 Assessing the Long-Term Effects of Social Promotion Students and Teachers Part 1 Page 1 Educators should reexamine social promotion to see how it actually affects both students and teachers in the end. According to Aldridge et al, (2014) describes social promotion as challenging for involved. Students and parents may have an incorrect sense of achievement because of it. Those students who complete the grade successfully may feel their success does not matter. Class structures can be stressful for teacher planning (Aldridge et al, 2014). Parents may receive a mixed message that their children are successful and ready for the next grade. Social promotion creates differing attitudes about passing to the next grade, not all are good ones. Part 2 Page 2 Crucial research is critical to address the impact that social promotion has on the accomplishment teachers, students, and their parents. The research study will use the qualitative method to survey participants on whether to implement changes in the program. The study will produce data that provide more knowledge about the influence of social promotion have on all persons involved in the process. The result is the development of a new method of assisting high-risk students. Part 3 Page 4 It is the responsibility of teachers after adequate training to identify such interest from the student’s class. After the teachers have identified the interest of the students with learning disabilities, they will help them pursue their interests. This is a done even when tutoring happens outside the classroom with related services. All involved in this process commits to working together

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