Artificial Nutrition and Hydration (ANH) Paper

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Artificial Nutrition and Hydration Name Institution Course Date Abstract ANH refers to a clinical therapy designed to assist critically ill patients to acquire water and food in case they are unable to ingest through normal means. Its main purpose is to elongate the life of a patient at the end of life situation. Some of the most common techniques include the utilization of PEG tubes, NG, and intravenous administration. The application of ANH has created many controversies across the globe. Proponents of this medical intervention submit that it should be used since it delivers a chance for survival especially in circumstances where patients need nutritional support. It greatly helps patients suffering from diseases such as cerebral palsy, dementia, and stroke. ANH is quite beneficial for patients with transitory issues in the gastrointestinal tract, swallowing and some chronic conditions. It can also increase the time for precise evaluation of chances of recuperation if the diagnosis is undefined. However, persons against the use of ANH note that it causes many negative effects hence its harm and burdens outweigh its possible benefits. For instance, studies have established that NG tubes and PEG tubes lead to complications such as aspiration pneumonia, esophageal reflux, and bleeding. Therefore, it may not necessarily promote chances of survival. Based on my personal opinion, the use of ANH should be guided by the code of ethics such as justice, non-maleficence, beneficence, and autonomy. Keywords: artificial nutrition and hydration, ethics, patients Overview Patients with life-threatening and advanced illnesses normally lose the capability to drink

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