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Article Summary Name Student Institution Date Abstract The aim of this paper is to highlight the summary points of the article, “Saudis Expand Regional Power as Others Falter.” This article talks about the progress of Saudi Arabia after acquiring power and its maintenance of monarchy power. In the first section, Kirkpatrick first talks about how the development of Saudi resulted from the collapse of other countries such as Egypt, Syria, and Tunisia. It also mentions how the Government of Saudi Arabia has made efforts to help other countries by offering financial and media assistance. The paper below also summarizes how the author explains the cooperation between Saudi Arabia and the United States towards supporting Baghdad government. It also explains how by offering assistance, Saudi has gained significant influence among other countries. Other regions assisted by Saudi Arabia include Jordan. This paper gives a general view of Saudi Arabia, its economic progress, and its effort to uplift surrounding nations. Keywords: Saudi Arabia, Islamist, Monarchy, Kingdom Article Summary This article, “Saudis Expand Regional Power as Others Falter” by Kirkpatrick talks about the association between Egypt and Saudi Arabia due to the effort by presidents from both countries. The article also highlights on how the Arab Spring Revolts affected Saudi Arabia by increasing the monarchy power. According to the read, the regional competence of Saudi Arabia has also expanded. The key development of Saudi Arabia is due to the collapse and feebleness of other regions such as Egypt, Libya, and Syria among others (Kirkpatrick, 2018). The influence of Saudi could be costly

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