Article Review: Tranquilizing Pink Hypothesis

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Article Review: Tranquilizing Pink Hypothesis Introduction Summary of research article The paper investigated the tranquilizing effect of colors on aggression in a criminal detention holding cell. The author hypothesized that colors in a cell have an effect on people, and others can act by weakening the aggression of people in a given circumstance. The descriptive empirical data from the researcher's three evaluations employed showed a fall in the incidents for the initial month that the room was painted color pink CITATION Pel81 l 1033 (Pellegrini, Schauss, & Miller, 1981). Afterward, the rate seemingly rose gradually over the next quarter of the year, then reduced for approximately a third of a year, then steeply rose and reached peak levels during the final months of the year during the research. Role of theory Identification of theories mentioned by the researcher This report is firmly based on kinesoid theory CITATION Pel81 l 1033 (Pellegrini, Schauss, & Miller, 1981). The theory states that human beings respond behaviorally and physically from exposure to certain colors. It is more relevant to men's psychophysical reactions to the color pink. Relevance and applicability of the study The study finds its immediate relevance to a section of the population in prison, who are known for their aggressive behavior. Pink on walls in county jail can lead to positive results, as predicted by the authors. The affirmative nature of the research on the impact of color pink on convicts can be used across the board to cover others areas, which are not strictly within the confines of prison, and can be extended to areas where the male testosterones bubble such as in men

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